Meet Rose Ludwig

I am passionate about being part of the Health Revolution to end the Health Crisis in this country. As an RN, I have seen first hand how people’s poor health results from diets and lifestyle habits that are misaligned with who and how they want to be. Our bodies are naturally able to be vitally healthy when given the right conditions. Too many people are increasingly unhealthy, out of balance, unhappy and unfulfilled in their lives. Women are approaching the prime of their lives as they turn 50 and beyond. But they are encountering increasing fatigue, joint pain, allergies, insomnia, unclear thinking, stomach bloat, unexplained weight gain, overall physical discomfort, or fear of possible future chronic illness. I am a Transformational Health and Life-style Coach. I empower and inspire motivated women over 50 who are ready to embrace the next chapter in their lives. They have realized that life is short. They have so many things they want to accomplish and experience, but their body and mindset are holding them back from having the active life they desire. They feel hopeless and wonder if their body is betraying them. My clients are transforming their lives by stepping out of their fears and frustrations with their bodies and stepping into their power, wisdom, and self-love. They are generating sustained focused energy and they radiate with renewed inspiration for life because they feel young, sexy, and vibrant again.

I am on a mission to change the way we think about our health by empowering women to take charge of their health and wellbeing and envision the life they desire.


Marcia S:  "As an effective coach, Rose provides tools and strategies on a weekly basis for supporting the client to reach goals.  She is a skilled listener, compassionate and understanding.  Her commitment to accountability through insightful questions and comments holds me to reality in a way that reduces self-judgment and instead creates a more positive, motivating experience of the process.  Her extensive knowledge base contributes to the depth of her support, my self-discovery, and ability to change some behaviors.  It has been a wonderful, effective, fun relationship with my coach!"

Artie A:  "Rose is a pleasure to work with.  I enjoyed our sessions over the 3 month commitment.  She is committed to her work and a compassionate giver.  She has a natural ability to help others and a strong desire for her clients to reach their goals and succeed.  She truly has given me a wonderful gift and skills that I can use for a lifetime.  I highly recommend Rose as your health coach."